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Sunday 22 July 2018

Welcome to my blog. Hope you all are inspired to be bold and wear what you want.

I would like to share and inspire all my followers on my style of fashion and what inspires me.

I am genuinely motivated by nature, it makes me feel at peace in this world where there’s so many corruption, nature brings that harmony and beauty to my heart. Nature has a big part to play in fashion the color combination, texture, and flow of a garment this is all that nature portrays. I love wearing clothing that flows and ties to my body just in the right places. Slick, polyesters, leather, and cotton these are my favorite materials of clothing to wear.

I love rocking leather jacket and pointy heels stilettos as it enhances any look. Dam I adore sunglasses if I can wear them in the winter I would. My looks are simple, and I try to portray what I would and would not wear on a daily basis.

I love jazzing up my fashion a bit and letting out my afro hair, rocking that 1960’s look and appreciating how diverse and unique I am. I am inspired by nature, and love culture but yet, I am inspired by me, my drive and determination to start over fresh on a journey on my own in such a big city as London. A place that can make or break you.

Naomi Campbell is an icon behind my entire blog she's a strong, beautiful, smart, and confident, women her walk tells these traits and when she speaks its proof that my thoughts of her are a certainty. I can never get bored looking at her page from fashion, to fitness, her beauty is everything. And dam I love her in Michael Jackson “In the Closet” there is defiantly something about her. I am so amused and inspired by her truly.

My biggest fashion icon is Micah Gianneli, I love her sense of style, her body structure being slim as myself and how she rocks every style and fashion in her own way, and yes she knows her shoes. I wish I can have every pair she wears.

When it comes to lifestyle Izabel Goulartis is what moves me, she’s fit, sexy, happy and knows her favorite Choo. I love how she mixes her lifestyle in her page while portraying a lot of fitness features this is the body I which to achieve. In this part of my blog, you will hear a lot of Trinidad and Tobago soca music as this is what gives me full energy while exercising. Possibly winning too which is a Trinidad and Tobago slang for moving your waist.

I love changing up my look a lot yet sticking to my natural beauty this is inspired with Nyane Lebajoaa. She’s a black beauty indeed her page shows so much variety and black beauty. I love how she portrays numerous colored hair showing how black ladies can rock any color hair. I adore how she jazz up her fashion and wear these bright colors they all look amazing on her.

Travel is inspired by myself you would learn more about my life journey and what motivated me to want to be part of this bigger world coming from my tiny island.

Sharing with you my fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel story it all works together in one. I hope you all join and enjoy my journey while I travel through my bucket list and how I style myself for each and every trip that I share. Will be launched in my Travel story.

What fashion icon or life influencer inspires you?

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