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Thursday 16 August 2018

I’ve been thinking for weeks on my lifestyle post and how I’ll deliver it to all of you, so here it goes.

I’ve lived my life as a child growing up by the quotes of H. Jackson Brown Jr. and still do

I know we don’t give our best according to life situations sometimes and I’m guilty of this, but I try to give my best most of the time even when I am not too fond of a job I do. As a woman, I considered myself lucky being this sex, who I am, and the roads that I’ve taken to where I am was not smooth, but I continually tried to accomplish all I set myself out to do in the best of my ability.

By giving my best, it encourages me to not fights others but support and encourage others also to do their best no matter if things don't always work out the way we want them too. There still time to try again. If there's only one chance to something and you've failed then think of it as a learning curve, and it wasn't worth your time. "Keep Positive people around you and be Positive."

My lifestyle post will give you in-depth information on my gym routine, the food I eat and do not eat and some tips on how I’m able to maintain my appearance and physical features throughout my life.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and any questions you may have and enjoy being part of my lifestyle regiment.  

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