Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog.

I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago and came here to London in January 2017 to peruse my dreams in the Travel and Tourism industry.

So where does fashion comes in? Firstly, I have a passion for fashion.

I have been modeling back home for almost 8 years now and always admire fashion but wasn’t getting anyway with it so I made the transition from modeling to studying tourism since I love diverse culture and people.

I have always been judged back home for my skinny body structure where sometimes many people made bad jokes about me but I was always about eating healthy and keeping fit.

Being judged for many years is why I named myself “soslim” on Instagram.

I love my body and who I am physically, I am fully proud of being me and want us all to feel this way.

With my blog I would love to be an icon that came from my small Afro Caribbean island and show the world how beautiful we are in our own skin. Share fashion tips both loud and bold by what inspires me, my journey traveling Europe and being part of many cultures.

I love doing different styles with my hair showing the beauty of black women.

My style of fashion is very diverse and I love mixing it up with street, sexy, high fashion, beach, and fitness, and showing how affordable fashion can be made to look expensive.

Moving forward, I would love to engage my audience on my journey here, and keep you updated on the latest styles and brands I wear and enjoy here in Europe.
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