Thursday 17 September 2020

Covid19 pandemic has restricted the world from flying and has caused a standstill to the Travel, Hospitality, and Tourism industry in many destinations. It has been around 8 months since we have been hearing about this dreadful disease and many of us have been isolating at home to protect our loved ones who are vulnerable. While some of us have sadly lost love ones during this crisis.

Being isolated for such a long time can put our body through many stressful stages including depression, feeling overwhelmed, and moody. I have been feeling so anxious lately and can rarely sleep at night. A lot of us today, living in the United Kingdom or globally may be wanting a getaway for some sort of relaxation and thinking how safe is it to fly?

I have put together this blog post to give some of you an idea of my experience flying during COVID with TUI Airlines. 

After such desperation, and spending my anniversary in locked down my partner and I needed a getaway from London so we decided to book a flight somewhere in Europe. We eventually booked our holiday and flight with TUI to Dalaman Turkey.


Flying during Covid19 it is required to wear a face mask. When we arrived at the airport most people were wearing a face mask and to our surprise, the airport had a lot of travelers that were maintaining their distance. However, you can expect the minority not to stick to the rules and wearing their face mask whenever convenient to themselves. 

At the entrance of the airport, one can find hand sanitizer which was at easy access around the airport. Going through security and baggage check this was standard as before. 


On the flight, you are reminded that it is required to wear a face mask at all times and must only be taken off if consuming food and beverage and once one is finished consuming food and beverage it is obligated to wear a mask.

My Partner and I on the flight wearing our mask :)

TUI also informs their passengers if they do not abide by the rules of the flight they will be escorted off the plane when the flight arrives at its destination. 

Seating was not spaced out.  The flight was full on my way to Dalaman however, the flight attendants were always walking around ensuring all passengers were ok. On the way back however seating was more spaced out in front the airline. My partner and I booked front seat with extra leg room so we had no issue with seating. I will highly recommend if you can afford it to book better seats and not economy. This cost an additional £200.

I felt ok flying during this time but a bit scared as there was a gentleman in front of me coughing. I informed the flight attendant of this and she spoke to the passenger right away informing him that I was concerned with his coughing. The passenger responded by saying he was affected by the dust in the air that affected his throat. 
After this, I felt must relaxed and safe on the flight and there were no issues with any passengers not wearing their face mask or unruly. 

If you are wanting a getaway I highly recommend flying with TUI Airlines. 

Remember, there's a risk in flying due to Covid but we can't stay isolated forever. Time is passing and there's only one life to live. We must keep safe but enjoy life along the way.

Champagne celebration on our flight for our anniversary

Stay tuned for my next post on Dalaman Turkey. 

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