How to Maintain a Flat Stomach and Keep a Small Waist

Saturday 2 May 2020

                                                  I've maintained a waist 24" for my entire life 

A flat stomach I think is every girl dreams at the moment if they don't have it already. I've been able to keep a flat stomach for most of my life while growing up. Here are some tricks and tips that worked for me in maintaining this physique.

Keeping Fit

I know keeping fit is quite difficult especially if you have a busy life as I do including being a full time student, working part-time in my career field, cooking most days, and blogging. However, I have been able to maintain a flat stomach throughout my life while balancing many other life challenges. I don't always get the time to go to the gym so I always try to maintain a healthy diet and work out from home. Some of the key exercises I do are 100 setups almost 5 days a week.

In the morning when I awake I make this the first thing I do so I won't forget during the day. Sometimes this is difficult to keep up with especially when I have early morning classes or work so what I tend to do while getting ready is the stomach vacuum. The stomach vacuum has tremendously helped me during the years to maintain that flat belly physique since it is training my stomach to stay a specific size.

What is a Stomach Vacuum 

A stomach vacuum is where you inhale a vast amount of air and you exhale slowly while bringing in your stomach as flat as possible and hold for around 20 minutes. I would usually do this in the shower and while brushing my teeth. It is quite difficult to do but I can assure you it works for me and many other girls that have tried it and continue to pursue it. I recently started doing it while working out and it has helped me burn belly fat faster while working on building my bum.

It is recommended to do this exercise without drinking or eating but I drink little water during workouts and it hasn't affected me in any way.

If you do try the stomach vacuum. Let me know how was your result or what you have done differently?

A Healthy Diet

I tried to maintain a healthy diet for most of my life which has been very difficult but here I am today saying to you it is possible.

We are all guilty of loving food so much especially our favorite pasta, pies, and  pizza dishes. However, too much of these dishes will give you zero results whether you are trying the vacuum or not. It's all about self-control and eating in moderation. For me, I do have many pasta dishes but I cook with a lot of vegetables which helps in maintaining my weight. I also try to stay away from a lot of deep fried-foods and sugary drinks.

Most importantly you should make water your best friend if you are trying to lose any kind of fat.

I have been embracing my natural skin since quarantine and it feels amazing not wearing makeup.

I hope this post was helpful to some of you. Let me know what you would like to see more of on this blog??

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