Women True Beauty is Self-Confidence

Wednesday 5 September 2018

Welcome to my beauty post I’m all about women beauty as we’re beautiful in our unique way.
As a woman I am guilty, and I’m sure we all are of not appreciating ourselves and always wishing we have another physical feature of another.

If you’re feeling lonely on this, I can assure you. You’re not alone. I’ve spoken to numerous ladies as I’m currently working in fashion and 80% of the ladies I’ve talked too are not 100% confident with who they are physically.

I’ve always asked myself "why?"  as they are so beautiful and yet they don’t see it. I think it’s just getting bored of seeing yourself sometimes that you always want some physical characteristic of another.

This beauty blog will give my audience the feel of ones beauty meaning self-appreciation, showing you it’s not your beauty you need to be ashamed of its only your mind and what you think of yourself sometimes.

Beauty comes in all form whether, be skinny, oversized or thick. Black white or yellow focus on making you more beautiful not becoming another person that’s beautiful in your eyes.

What you can look forward to on this part of my blog 

SKIN (Video and Picture Contents)
My daily skincare routine, morning and night
Skin product I trust

MAKEUP (Video and Picture Contents)
Makeup tutorials
All about makeup brands I love and trust.

HAIR (Picture Contents)
Hair routine for afro girls.
Spending less money on Salons and doing it at home routine
Hair product no's and yes
The best products that work for my hair

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