Wearing Red

Wednesday 3 October 2018

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"Roses are red, violets are blue," wearing red is so sexy and it gives that vigorous effect too. 

Some women avoid wearing the color since its so powerful and it takes a strong and confident woman to pull it off, but if you're lacking these traits one can assure you that red will automatically give you these characters it's just you to speak the walk. 
The dress from PrettyLittlething cost only £20.00 and I added my black leather jacket from Reiss to give it a more expensive taste.

So don't be afraid to rock red it's so feminine and shows off a strong yet sexy character of us ladies, even if its a red lip be bold and show off women power.  

To be that person that brings fire, strength, and excitement to the room red is that color to rock. It's so classic and full of life it can never go out of fashion, it's that attention color, that makes ones head turn, that stops the traffic and runs through the vein.

Topshop Panther Cross Body Bag

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Red Shoe 👠: Click Link to Buy  
Red Purse 👛: Click Link to Buy
Leather Jacket 🧥: Reiss 2017 Leather 

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