Pretty Cafe in London "Peggy Porschen"

Thursday 28 February 2019

Living in London gives you endless opportunities to enjoy many days out weather be for partying, dining, going to some beautiful bars, spending the day out site seeing or even just walking. I love the city life alot and how I am able to have much fun and work hard to accomplish my goals in life.

There is many beautiful places in London if you are planing to visit and I love doing all the touristic things and fetching around to all the beautiful instagram spots to have my photo taken by my amazing photographer.

This Sunday I had the chance to visit Peggy Porschen. I was mind blown by how pretty this cafe was it is a  beautiful pastel pink shop decorated inside out with floral display. Peggy Porschen serves beautifully decorated delicious cup cakes, cakes, a selection of fresh teas made from herbs and spices, pinky lemonade, champagne and some other great desert and sweets served in the cutest utensils ever.

When I arrived at the shop I released there was a long line so if you are planning to visit ensure to arrive early so the wait is not to long. My wait was alittle longer than expected since I arrived around 1pm on a Sunday when most people will be out and about in London to places like these. But the wait was sure worth the experience. The services was great, and I was acknowledged by the servers as soon as I arrived. When I was seated I was attended to right away and the food did not take long to be served.

I really enjoyed my time at Peggy Porschen and I would defiantly recommend this place for those who are planing a trip to London. They also change the decoration around for the seasons including Summer, Valentines, and Easter.

If you visit Peggy's please write me how was your experience I'd love to hear from you?

Around the area where the cafe is located there are some lovely spots for taking photos and it is a very quite area for just people watching.

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