Alya Skin: The Best Mask to Detoxify and Cleanse your Skin

Monday 29 April 2019

Another secret to my skin care routine is detoxifying and cleansing my skin with Alya skin. This is one of the best face mask that I constantly get great result from giving me clean, fresh and glowing skin whenever I use.

What I love about the mask is that it is vegan and animal cruelty free making it the ideal natural product for sensitive skin, it reduces your pores, unleash toxin from the skin and allows the perfect finish to your makeup allowing a smooth and flawless finish.

I would defiantly recommend this mask its only £30 with free shipping worldwide and last for a month with a two weeks application allowing you soft and healthier looking skin.

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Sunday relax and bath with my Alya skin care mask

The power of beautiful looking skin is in the hand of Alya Skin

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