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Tuesday 22 January 2019

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For this spring 2019, yellow is the color to be wearing it was all over the runway during the new york fashion week and popped up in almost every designer's piece represented in various shades including lime yellow, Ceylon, and even paler or a darker yellow.

For this spring I am all about adding a pop of color in everything I wear to brighten up my day during these cold winter days in London and the color trend this year definitely gave me the opportunity to go boldly "wearing a little bit of summer in winter."

So to starts with this dress. I purchased it from Karen Millen for £140.00 and I love how it's thick enough to keep you warm without a jacket for those winter days that are not at a minus. The one thing that attracted me to this dress when I entered the store was of cause the color but most importantly I loved the cute peplum hem this added so much to the dress making it more cheerful, cute, and girly yet bold and I love the belted waistline which added so much shape to my slim structure.

When styling this dress I went with black tights, my favorite sock boots from Karen Millen, and my Michael Kor leather black handbag I have for almost two years now and its still in perfect condition. The black helped in toning down the yellow a bit which was exactly what I was going for.

Accessories, I simply went with my silver hoops and Pandora bracelets I got for Christmas which all looked great with the dress and blended in perfect not overpowering me.

I was definitely the statement with this dress and the dress was the statement on me. I was so happy with my styling here and I'll say I try to keep it simple every time I'm wearing bold pieces like these.

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