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Saturday 5 January 2019

Shop the Look. See Link Below

Now the start of 2019 is here and I've made my New Years resolutions including completing all my 2019 blog post I would love to hear from my audience on what more would you like to see on my page for 2019?

Today I'm slaying in this stunning jeans denim jumpsuit from Topshop rocking it with my leopard blouse and shoes from Karen Millen. As we know jumpsuit, is a popular style of the '70s but now have become a must-have in fashion at the moment not to mention they are so easy to wear and less time is spent on agonising over matching tops and bottoms.

When it comes to wearing jumpsuit I think they are so comfortable and stylish not to mention there is a style to suit every occasion some may look very cool and modern but for those who are more on the petite side like myself, a belted style like what I'm wearing would be perfect. Giving the look a little structure.

Now back to the outfit I really wanted to add my favorite animal print so I decided to wear my flattering leopard blouse and shoes that added so much character to the look but you can wear the jumpsuit without the blouse and just add a leopard shoe and bag that would look just as great.

What are you all thoughts on the Jumpsuits style if you don't own any I hope you all join the jumpsuit family for this winter or even for summer 2019

Jumpsuit 👖: Click Link to Buy
Leopard Blouse👚: Click Link to Buy  Use Code "Je Soslim" to get 15% off your first purchase
Leopard Shoe👠: Click Link to Buy

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