Friday 2 August 2019

If you're looking for that spot in the Mediterranean Islands that can accommodate everyone whether wanting a sun, sea, and sand holiday or a dazzling night life scene Ibiza has it all. The island is located right off the eastern coast of Spain 150 kilometers from the city of Valencia. The Carthaginians were the first to have settled and claim the islands, then in some few years the Moors, the Romans and even pirates all had their claim for the beautiful island Meds.

I was so happy to have the opportunity to travel to this magnificent place with one of my best friend and would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to escape or have a fantastic party break.

Here are all my recommendation and experience from this dreamlike island.

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Planning the Trip

When planning a trip to Ibiza the first thing to decide is whether you are traveling for the enjoyment of sun, sea, and sand or to enjoy the isles upbeat nightlife. If visiting for the pleasure of the thundering night scene in the summer as I did planing for this trip may be a little costly than budgeted.

Having a budget of  £1000.00 per person amounting to £2000.00 for my friend and I £329.08 went towards flight  including 1 check-in bag of 20 kg and only 2 hand luggage on EasyJet, £846.00 accommodation for 6 nights, and £200 for  3 days pre-booked parties,£37.00 for the bus to and from Luton airport to the center of London,  the balance of £588.00 was allocated for spending allowance.

Money Saving tips for planning

Ibiza is such a diverse location for travelers and is one of Europe most popular summer destination known for its blue skies and amazing beaches. The isles is also known for its summer parties where some of the best DJ's in the world come to perform. When visiting for a party holiday one must decide which side of the island is best suited for their stay. However summer is the most expensive time to travel to the island so I recommend traveling in September where prices are much lower than the summer according to your your budget and preferences of travel.

Playa de'en Bossa the south of Ibiza Town is where all the bigger breathtaking beaches and night clubs are located including Ushuaia, Hi, Bora Bora, and Sankeys. Clubs in this side of the island is open  24/7 so if you are wanting that amazing night life experience I highly recommend staying in Playa however accommodation may be bit more expensive if one decide to stay there.

Accommodations on the northern side of the island San Antonio, is much cheaper and also provides some lovely beaches and night life with the beautiful view of the famous Ibiza sunset.

If you decide to stay in San Antonio like I did transport from the airport to San Antonio centre cost 4 euros on the L9 bus. I recommend taking the bus around which helps you to save buses to and from San Antonio to Playa de' en Bossa is 4 to 5 euros where a taxi cost a little over 30 euros sometimes.

Getting There

EasyJet was the cheapest flight at the time getting from London to Ibiza amounting to £329.08 for 2 including one 20 kg check-in bag and 2 hand luggage. When we arrived in Ibiza we took the L9 costing 4 euros and the bus driver was kind enough to drop us directly to the hotel, Hotel Puchet where we stayed. 

Where to Stay

When choosing a place to stay in Ibiza your purpose of visiting the island as well as your budget significantly impact this decision. While Playa de'en Bossa is more for the party travelers accommodation may be more on the pricy side but there are some reasonable accommodation as well.

San Antonio offer travelers the best side of both world having that mix of relaxation and partying you can find some of the most insane pool parties held on this side of the island in some really fancy spot including O Beach Ibiza, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, and water parties in Es Paradis Ibiza.  Some other interesting club on this side of the island includes Eden that host some great parties for the summer.

For those wanting to spend time with family and experience a more relaxing side of the island and the local culture Santa Eulalia offers a more laid back atmosphere and some beautiful beaches and resorts as well.

Where I stayed 

When choosing my accommodation this was not all decided by me as my friend and I had different views on accommodation  choices. My choice was to stay in Playa de' en Bossa since at the time of searching the prices of accommodation was just as high in San Antonio due to the time of booking. As we were more going for a party holiday Playa attracted me more and is walking distance from the airport, and from the parties we would have been attending.

Having a different view on accommodation choices I went with my friends choice as she wanted to stay on the northern side of the island San Antonio since she thought this side offered more day time activities.

Having decided to stay in San Antonio our hotel choice was Hotel Puchet as it was walking distance to the beaches, San Antonio clubs and main area, as well as near by buses to get around. The room was very spacious, and clean, features a private bathroom, air-conditioning, and had a really old Spanish feeling to it with a private balcony.

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