Autumn 2019 "Puffy Sleeve Trend"

Tuesday 29 October 2019

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For this autumn trend shoulder details clothing surely stands out. These statement tailor design pieces are made in many style and color to suit diverse occasions, different body shapes and surely makes a bold entrance to any party.

I am so obsess with detailed clothing and I was so happy to be given the opportunity this year to stand out in statement sleeves. If you think this style is not for you? The best way to keep it in your wardrobe is to go for the more softer puff sleeves and dresses as this is the perfect way to keep it in your style until the hype has cooled off.

Zara's autumn collection featured some amazing pieces if you are wanting these affordable fashion in trend.

This outfit was inspired by the high street designer and I decided to wear it under my contrast pleated dress with leather over-layer to match my leather knee high boots and I wore my leather Gucci belt to give a more expensive look.

This look is also perfect for a cold day or night out as it can be layered over a turtle neck jumper as well giving you a much warmer wear for those cold days.

I would defiantly wear this look for a night out with friends or an evening event

Stayed tuned for more puffy sleeve style as I can assure you this is not strictly Sumer and autumn related and can be worn all year round.

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