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Monday 30 July 2018

It’s always good to have that bucket list ready weather be it local areas around your country or touring Europe it’s good to pack your bags and take an adventure somewhere.

I remember the first time I traveled in 2013 a month and a half trip to the lovely island of Curacao, to partake in a training internship in the Hospitality industry. I was so nervous to travel out of my country for the first time and for such an extended time on my own to a foreign place.

Curacao, was an adventure indeed I met some fantastic people on my venture there, two good friends that I kept in contact with from the Netherlands and one of my dearest friends back home.

This trip opened up my eyes to so many things in the world, and that’s when my entire mindset and mood changed to how I view the world. Coming from a small beautiful twin island there was a lot to do, but growth from out of the island seemed almost impossible. Each day I woke I saw more things that I wanted to see, experience, and adventure out. Being  “Diverse Culture.”

One trip changed me for a lifetime, and I was eager for more each day. Soon after I decided to take all the training trips that my university offered. I went to Panama City for two months and stayed at a homestay while training in the hospitality industry at Hilton Panama. Panamanians are well known for their shopping malls and love for “Dolce Café” sweet coffee.

Back home I was well known as a carnival baby. My country has one of the gorgeous Carnival and costumes in the world that’s worth visiting that time of the year to partake. Trinidad and Tobago are well known for its steel pans and Calypso which I sang and played for many years. Its attractive beaches such as Maracas Bay (Port of Spain) where you can get “the best bake and shark ever” Las Cuevas Trinidad, Pigeon Point and Scarborough in Tobago.

I’ll say its defiantly worth visiting if you’re a fan of well-flavored food including our street morning breakfast “doubles,” all type of Roti and curry with busting flavors, and for those who want to stick to the more international cuisine, there are many choices for you.

I am and has always been a big fan of seafood I had a lot of  Sushi and French dish back home. One of the best Sushi you can find is at the Hyatt Hotel in Port of Spain and Kaizan in Movie Town Port of Spain. T&T is worth being on your bucket list be sure not to walk around with a lot of pocket cash.

If you’ve been to my island feel free to tell me how was your experience?

In continuing my travel journeys, there was no trip I would say no to even road trips with my family. I developed this urge for exploring. Soon after my Panama trip, I came to my first trip to Europe, visiting Izmir Turkey for three weeks with a friend that lived there who I met back home.

To be continued................

Trinidad and Tobago (My Home Country)


Panama City

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