Taking PJ’s to the Street

Monday 23 July 2018

Pajamas date back to the Ottoman Empire and were introduced to the “Western word in 1870” as seeping garments for men and women. For years the garment has been worn as “traditional nightshirt” but was soon hitting the street of fashion for women by the 1920’s.

I love wearing loosely fitted garments, the fabric and make fits quite freely on the body allowing breathing space but also adjusting to all body shape. The pajamas I wore in this look was 100% polyester with a draped tied belt to the wait holding me in nicely. The trousers gave that perfect fit as I wanted tight to the waist and loose fitted to the bottom.  I had to adjust the waits to my size as I am a size four girl with waist 24. 

I can’t say how expensive it is shopping for my size having to spend double the price to get dresses and trousers that I love to fit. But I’m lucky that I’m tall and have a natural 32B bust which helps tops to fit perfectly. 

With this look, I wore trainers with some bright popping colors I wanted that nice street look mix with a little high fashion and great comfort to my feet compared to stilettos and a big enough bag to hold all my stuff. I had this Michael Kors bag almost three years now, and they still look great, but it is my goto bag that fits almost everything.

If you are thinking to wear heels with this outfit silver would be great with the burgundy and help improve the color image, black would also be nice with a black top inside, but the sliver will sure give you that statement piece. I wore my hair out in some big curls and big leopard gold chain and hoops to match the trainers and most importantly I was rocking my shades.

If you’re thinking about what hairstyle to wear with a look like this you can rock an afro, slick straight hair, big curls like I did or a bun hairstyle it just all about the occasion. This outfit was quite easy to style and simply classy and sexy. All women must own a pair of street PJ’s if you don’t I think its time to invest in one for yourself you’ll completely fall in love.

Trainers šŸ‘Ÿ- Click Link 
Pajamas šŸ‘—- Karen Millen last year summer (sold out) 
Sunglasses šŸ•¶️ - Click Link 
Handbag šŸ‘œ - Michael Kors
Necklace šŸ“æ- Click Link 


  1. What occasions would you recommend I wear this outfit to?

    1. My dearest Anonymous sender,

      This piece can be worn for numerous occasions it’s just up to how you style it. If you would like to style it just as I did but with some heels it would more be suited for corporate events, New Years party, special dinner party, or even that award giveaway rule of party.
      It can also be dressed down by loosing the blazer and going for something more simple as a top, a nice black simple vest or even white Tshirt will look great and with the right pair of heels to give you a more sheek look

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