Tini Pink Pony

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Well everyone has been asking why I never wear my hair this way as I looked so different with my hair all pulled back. This look came out of surprise no planning the night before or thinking what shall I wear I just woke up and was feeling to wear that bright pink color crop top I had, and this was the styling idea that came to my head. It was so stunning I said wow to myself when I changed into this look.
 To top it off my tini pony looked so cool with it, just improving the look overall. I never like putting my hair in ponies besides for those special occasions when I have to be all dressed up, but I did rock it for a while just to change up my look a bit.

Ok, so let’s talk about the outfit, these big legged striped culottes with a fantastic pleated design which I can’t have enough of comes with a matching strip halter neck top which looks great together. However, if you’re that girl that just want to shine for the day, I’ll say the pink definitely will give you that popping look. 

The pink trainers which I’ve worn on numerous occasions are quite comfortable and looked great with the crop top if you want that summer day look. For more of evening wear, a special you can pop in some nude, silver, black stilettos and black leather jacket with this outfit to make ita particular occasion outfit.  

For jewelry, I wanted those bold statement pieces that would give a more street look. It was all about statement pieces and color for this look and I was turning heads and being complemented almost everywhere I went in London.

Trouser 👖- Click Link 

Trainers 👟- Click Link 

 Top 👕- Click Link 

Necklace 📿 - Specially made 

Earrings👂- Specially made 


  1. Cool look, so pretty

    1. Thank you so much for dropping your comment. I am happy you like this look XX


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