The all Summer Season Gypsy Dress

Thursday 26 July 2018

Gypsy dresses are a must have for the summer or even vacation it’s the look that has been trending all summer years, and I think can never be outdated. I am inspired by these dresses as the fit is so dazzling yet simple. 

This dress was definitely my happy go-to for the summer it’s easy to just wrap up and placed in your bag and just throw on for those longs work days and summer dress up nights out. I dressed it very simple with multi-colored earrings and a nude shoe. I didn’t want to go to loud with my accessories as the dress was already a statement piece with its ruffles and beaded sequins design. 

My summer night was quite simple when I wore this dress but for those going to a more fancy night out you can go for more bolder accessories and necklaces that will help in complementing the dress. Remember the dress enhances you not overtake your natural beauty so be sure to keep it simple with accessories for this look.

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