Denim Pencil Dress

Saturday 11 August 2018

I love wearing Denim fabric in dresses with that 100% Cotten fabric that feels great on the skin. When dressing denim I think the best colors to put are white, leopard as I did, or nude.

However, it’s according to the shade of denim you wear you can rock other loud colors as well.

This denim dress from Boohoo fitted every shape and figure of my body and came in at my wait area with a clipped waistline. The side/ arm area had a deep cut that showed off a little more skin making the dress sexier and flattering on.

I wore it with leopard shoes and purse as I wanted a bolder look since it was so pencil-shaped and plain.

For hairstyle, I went with a ponytail as I have been loving rocking my hair this way. I wore very simple accessories with this dress just my big gold hoops and matching circle designed necklace.
I also wore my gold lining sunglasses to add a more lavish look to this outfit.

What color do you like wearing with your denim dress if you own one?

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  1. You absolutely dominated that look!!! Soooo loving the dress. YAASSSS!!!
    I'm a bit more reserved when it comes to colours you think black shoes would work as well or would it not do much justice to the dress?? Let me know what you think.

    1. Hi Jisselle,

      Thank you for leaving your comment and showing interest in this look. I am not keen on black with a denim dress probably with denim jeans black shoe is better. Black shoe will be very heavy with a full denim look, consider nude shoe which will give a much softer look

    2. Great!! I do agree.Thanks soslim...looking forward to the next look.

  2. Cool look, head turner ��

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thank you for leaving your comment, how do style your denim ?


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