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Monday, 20 August 2018

When it comes to food, I am choosy with what I have to eat. Most of the time I try to have the foods that I know would benefit me health wise. I love cooking my own food and have been since 16 and enjoyed making the dishes I like or feel for not to mention knowing all the ingredients I put in my food is very important to me that’s why I enjoy cooking.

I am obsessed with sushi. It’s my favorite food to have outside. I did try making it one day, and it was a sushi war, wasn’t as smooth and tasty as I expected it to be. It’s one food I love to have any time I’m traveling somewhere.

I’ve always been asked what I eat to stay this skinny, but I don’t eat anything precise to stay my size I discipline and maintain my lifestyle most of the time. It’s all about self-control and being moderate with whatever you eat.  

I am not this skinny because I want to stay this thin I am this way because I eat what makes me happy and not what makes me feel upset with myself after having it but I am guilty of eating sushi until I feel sick.

Some of the yes and no’s for me food wise includes:

•    Vegetables and legumes/beans: I love having my vegetables well steamed or marinated in olive oil. Broccoli and carrots are my favorite non-starchy vegetable. I have most vegetable but not a big fan of purple cabbage, pumpkin or any of those vegetables that are quite sweet. For plants that are high in starch, I have twice throughout a week and at a moderate portion. 
I eat all type of beans which is included in my diet most days, in salads and also with rice

•    Fruits: I eat fruits every day and try having a banana most mornings especially if I skip breakfast. I don’t prefer having ripe mangos, and pawpaw.

•    Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds, legumes/beans:  As I child growing up red meat was included in my diet but soon after a while it was making me ill with upset stomach anytime I had it, so I completely stopped having it and had other meats including  chicken and much fish. I have been a pescatarian for most of my life then became a vegetarian for two years.  When I came to London in 2016, I started to include chicken back in my diet, but I will be going back to a pescatarian diet soon again as this is what makes me feel great.

I would not say I like eggs at all as it makes me feel upset the fresh scent and taste of it but I do try to have it sometimes. I have a lot of tofu and nuts is a favorite snack of mines which I have almost every day.

•    Grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and high cereal fibre varieties: I am kind of guilty of not including a lot of these in my diet recently, but I have much Italian home cooked pasta. I don’t enjoy eating much bready food since as a child, and I am still this way. I don’t have bread in my diet every day but try to have it once a week. If I do have food that contains high fibre, this will mainly be crackers and pasta.  

•    Milk, yogurt, cheese and alternatives, mostly reduced fat: I am lactose intolerant, and I’m unable to have dairy products but do have little of sometimes including ice cream when I’m in the mood that contains dairy and suffers the consequences after.  For cooking, I use lactose cheese and cream.
I am a tea baby and love having tea every night before I go to bed in “My Little Princess" cup. I am unable to sleep well without having a nice cup of cinnamon Ovaltine with soya milk tea.

Sugar: I do not drink sugar at all I use honey as a sweetener for everything I drink or eat. I am not a big fan of cold drinks and ice I prefer having room temperature drinks and water. This has helped me to maintain a flat stomach throughout my life. 

I am not a fan of chocolates, it's not my weakness, and I tend to have other snacks which I prefer over chocolate including nuts, fruits, yogurt with honey and blueberries.

Salt: I tend to cook with little or no salt in my dishes. If I use salt, I will use sea salt, and if I am making three different recipes, I will put salt in only two of the dishes and none in one.

Alcoholic beverages:   I am not a beer drinker at all and tend to have other alcoholic beverages including red wine which is my favorite alcoholic drink and sometimes white. I do not drink many liquors since it contains much sugar but my favorite is Dark spiced rum. I drink wine probably three times a week if I'm stressed, most of the times on Fridays since this is my date night of hanging out and relaxing.

Fried foods: I don't tend to have a lot of fried foods. I prefer making my own home-cooked oven baked potatoes with little fat added to it. Which are just as delicious. 

Remember to:
Look out for Part 2, My eating habits for  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 


  1. What are your favourite recipes and cooking instructions. I want to get your body :D

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    My favorite recipes will be my vegetable rice with baked salmon. I cook everything from fresh and even my own home chopped vegetable. I used a lot of fresh ginger and garlic to my food and cook most of the time with olive oil. I sometimes use butter but very moderate. The most important thing I’ll say to you is eat small portions. And excercising is very important. I will share to you and my audiance my day at the gym and some things I enjoy cooking. So feel free to leave your comment and ask me any questions you may have xx


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