My Travel Story Part 3: Back in Europe

Monday 27 August 2018

Fun Times: Piccadilly Circus London 
In May 2016 I visited Punta Cana for one month with a friend. Which was the most I’ve ever enjoyed having the natural beauty of nature from doing my ever first bike ride, going to the beach and relaxing almost every day was a great experience.  I stayed at the Alsol Luxury resort in Punta Cana, and I would defiantly recommend this resort to anyone that is planning a trip to the island.

It’s completely safe and astoundingly beautiful. Everything is a doorstep away including the gym, spa, numerous beaches, restaurants, local shops, spa to name a few. You can even have your home-cooked food as I did on many occasions as there are supermarkets bike rides away. Staff are amicable and professional and ensure all guest are safe when in and outside the resort.  I would love to visit again someday. (See Blog post on Punta Cana to find out more on this destination).

After such a fantastic experience in Punta Cana, I visited Barbados while finally on my way back to the UK. After my first trip in 2015, I fell in love with London and needed to experience more to see if I wanted to be part of the big city.

 I stayed at the Hilton hotel in Barbados for two days which was a great experience besides there were flocks of birds and pigeon on the restaurant patio for breakfast. Hilton was beautiful, and the view from my room was spectacular, staying only for two days I didn’t experience much of Barbados during this time.

Finally arriving back in London in July 2016 I stay at my family friends place for almost six months while visiting other parts of Europe. There was never a day I didn’t enjoy exploring London. The people, the architecture, everything was so beautiful not to mention very talented street artist.

I am not a big fan of the food in London unless if I cook my home cooked food which I love doing or go out to an expensive restaurant. I have stayed at a few hotels while in London, and I will give you all a review on my experience while staying at some of them including The Conrad, The Athenaeum Residence, and Hilton Brighton Metropole in Brighton.

Staying in London for almost six months I visit Stockholm Sweden for a long weekend to see a friend. It was freezing when I went Sweden, and I was not too keen on exploring the country and just wanted to head back to London due to me being new to the cold and was not well at the time from the cold weather.

My six months experience in London showed me how the city was full of Life, culture and most importantly it is an international hub for flights all over the world. From there on I knew I wanted to study the field of Travel and Tourism there. I saw it as the self-growth that I’ve always wanted as an individual in the international tourism market one of my long-term life goals.

 Since as a child growing up, I have always loved culture and being of a mixed race background of Afro American, Caribbean Spanish and Chinese on my mother’s side this cultural background urge I have is part of me forever. Fashion is my second love no matter where I travel in the world I love the different cultural style.

Knowing that London was the place I wanted to continue my studies. While there I applied for a few universities to continue my studies in Travel and Tourism.  Got accepted to a great university in London one of the best schools known for studying Travel and Tourism accepted me I also won an ambassador award for my high performance in my university back home. The ambassador award helped me out a lot with my school expenses here.

Up to date I came back to London in January of 2017 to pursue my goals in Travel and Tourism, and I wish to share every travel journey with my audience on every trip I take while here. I have also found my part in fashion by being an Instagram model and showing the world not only the places I travel but also my lifestyle I live,  the beauty of oneself and the style I love, or I'm inspired by.

I hope you all enjoyed my Travel story, and now I’m here in London so please continue to enjoy my journey with me as a Caribbean girl changing and making her life in this big city of London a place that can make you but also break you if you take the wrong path.

Hilton Barbados 

My Camera skills were not too good in Barbados 

London Fun times 

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