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Friday 3 August 2018

Well for this post I’ve decided to answer my favorites brands since here in London. Well, we all know about those luxury brands, Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, and Prada.

I love these designers but when talking about affordability and quality some of my favorites high street designers are Karen Millen, Top shop, Zara and I adore Pretty little Thing sexy style and color coding of their clothing.

Karen Millen is one of my most trusted designers you would realize most of the clothing I wear I purchase from this high street designer. I feel sassy, confident, and happy in most things I wear from KM. They fit every shape and figure of my body making me look my best each day.

If you’re looking for a soft quality leather jacket KM has one of the best soft quality lasting leather that ages amazingly from Italy. Office suits, nights out or any special occasion even vacation wear, they have it all. Not to mention that sassy silver sequin top I rocked for my friend's party “all eyes were on me.”

Top shop is the place I go when I feel for a brand change or a more street style sexy look and the crazier stylish, affordable sunglasses that I can rock almost every day.  Not to mention the variety of style they have I can find almost everything for any occasion when I go to the store. I sometimes feel to buy the entire store.

“Isn’t Pretty little Thing pretty?” They have the most girlish sexy clothing ever I love their lush color contrast it’s so girly and cute when I’m feeling more on the girlish, feminine side of my day.

Jimmy Choo, one of my favorite shoe designers that I love, pricy but nothing is better than a fantastic make and quality of shoe that's worth the money you spend.  I will be getting the first pair of my favorite shoe brand "Choo" next month

Let’s move on to this fantastic multi-colored floral leopard dress. I wore this piece for a night out, and I looked and felt so amazing. I was defiantly turning heads all evening eyes were on me. The flow of the pleats while dancing and the shape and cut of the dress was flattering on.

Black shoes and earrings were my favorites with this piece as it enhanced the black leopard details in the dress. You can wear this look for any special occasion, wedding, anniversary, or awards celebration. The top cut of the dress is also perfect for those who are conscious about showing their arm area.

You can also go with colored footwear and earrings for this dress, but I loved it with the black accessories.
What color will you wear with this dress? Be sure to leave me your thoughts in a comment below?

You can find this lovely dress at Karen Millen

Dress 👗 - Click Link to Buy 
Heels 👠 - Clink Link to Buy
Bag 👜 -Unlimited piece 
Sunglasses 🕶️ - Top Shop Last year collection 

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